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Global Syn-Turf Launches Premium Double S Blade Artificial Grass Technology

nowadays announced the release of new line of fake turf developed with one-of-the-kind Double S shape technology designed to create super-realistic look and higher resilience of synthetic turf surfaces. Lasting permanence and realistic occurrence, global Syn-Turf further satisfies the industry's demand for a proven and trustworthy outdoor method which is inherently low-maintenance and zero-irrigation; a fake turf which provides greater resiliency, with this latest release. Global Syn-Turf, inc.

This update nests neatly with core value of the artificial grass - the capacity to withstand severe weather changes, touch, intense and constant use in mix with a soft plush. The latest enhancements with Double S shape blade allow wider than routine, texturized look to the end-product.

sturdy backbone of the fibers makes the turf stand up for a longer time and give the surface a extraordinary resilience. S-61 comes with the pile height of 1 3/4 inches and face weight 61 oz The. Double S-72's pile height is 1 7/8 inches with 3/8 inches turf gauge and the face weight 72 ozDouble. First releases of Double S Blade line of artificial grass is available for distribution country-wide. This unparalleled fiber blade significantly reduces glare to create super-realistic occurrence. The new Double S fiber technology features multi-color emerald green and olive green blades with double thatching in brown and green for excess elaborate feel.

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